Bluebeard Lyrics

1. Seven, Seven, Oh Seven
Seven, Seven, Oh Seven
Two years after London felt the earth shake
Lying on a dock with one of England’s daughters
Staring up at blue that we have surely made
Seven, Seven, Oh Seven
Rolled up on slot machines in the clouds
The planes they watch us with their metal wings and feathers
It’s only minutes before you come around

‘Time to go,’ she says,
‘This air’s not ours to breathe’
‘Time to go,’ she says
The I say, ‘fuck the noise, let’s stay’

Seven, seven, oh seven
Jealous tree-tops attempt to frame the view
For once the air
Doesn’t seem to weigh pianos
They try and crush us
But we keep on comin’ through
Seven, seven, oh seven
Two years after angry lab-rats fought back
Lying on a dock
With a girl that finds me shattered
Staring up at blue
That we hope never cracks


2. Wild Blue Eyes
Those wild blue eyes
Told me how to sing
And where to write
Beneath those black-orange skies
You saved me under
Where the spotlight shines
Don’t lie to me
There’s nothing here to kill
But time
Hold myself in place
The smell of you still on my shirt
Just a trace

Those wild blue eyes
Dragged me under
The white water tide
Leave me so high
I come out seeing elephants
On the Detroit skyline
Don’t lie to me
The way I did to you
When I told you I was fine
Hold myself in place
The sound of you still ringing in my walls
Without a trace

3. Sequel to Summer
Down the road
There’s a heart
It’s a million miles away
In the cold
In the harsh wind
Of a biting January

I know that you care
But you just don’t know when I’m there
And I know that you somehow
Don’t see all of those things

And I’m locked
In a maze
Of cars
On a diamond freeway
And I’m torn
With the rain
I’ve come so far
To be pushed back again


Don’t be my blanket
There’s a whole lot to cover
Don’t mind that I might burn
From the fires of another
Hospital rooms
Cold as winter


And I’ve sewn
My mouth shut
To prevent
Any further dismay
And again
I’m fucked
Out of sense
And a cold bed to lay

4. Paradise on a Postage Stamp
Buildings lean on air
Still there
With empty halls
See straight through to the other side
No one wants to join me in
This grey area
Under the lights, under these lights

Paradise on a Postage Stamp
Pinned up against the wall
Hold me ’til you die
And tell that it’s alright

Simpleton’s take up space
For the race
With empty hearts
See straight through from rib to spine
No one wants to join me in
This grey area
Under my eyes, under these eyes


Tell me that you were on my side

5. I Hope You’re Wrong
Have another Carlsberg
And we’ll hope to fly
Peeling the labels
Watching Eternal Sunshine
You say you’ve never seen
Eyes like mine
And I don’t want to move
We’ll end it this time

You say you’re happy
But I think I’ll win
I say ‘don’t worry,
You’ll cast off your sins’
You say ‘this has to be the last time we’re like this
I hope you’re wrong

Have another Stella
And we’ll learn to fly
Peeling the labels
Upstairs at Sky
You say you’ve never heard
A voice like mine
I say your laugh is what
Keeps me alive
And I don’t want to move
Don’t want to end it this time
I don’t want to move
We’ll end it next time


6. A Bullet Has No Words to Say Goodbye
You came for me and kissed my mouth
And you’d never say goodbye
Until the rifle’s strapped on me
Sent off with a flask of rye
Shot my first man he had three kids
They’ve left on their porch light
But a bullet has no words to say goodnight

I strum these strings in a tent on sand
By fluorescent lantern light
I write these words on to the page
Lyrics you would like
Blood-stained fatigues and gun powder
Your picture’s on my bed
A bullet needs no pills to calm my head

Sent you a check to cover bills
I know it’s not enough
Here’s a picture of me here
Please give it to my son
I have to go they’ve called my name
To the frontlines we’ve been sent
A bullet has no cash to pay the rent

We arrive at a village just
Beyond the break of dawn
A bund-a-ling of dust and shacks
Through which the sun is shone
No weapons here and no ammo
Not a soldier there in sight
My bullets have no walls to stop their flight

Drag my feet through blood and dust
See the wreckage we have caused
I told myself not to look
And whistle a happy song
But the smell of death it is so strong
That it stops me in my tracks
My bullets have no words to bring them back

We load the trucks and we start back
To the tents that we call home
A battle won or so it seems
From Saddam’s evil sons
But down the road as we ride
The tears stream down my face
And a bullet screams ‘what have you done’
And enters me with haste

A pretty girl with a war-torn face
Straps me to my bed
Her features are replaced with yours
Red-crossed helmet on your head
You tell me that I’m going to die
There is just too much blood
The bullet lodged in me has done its job

I close my eyes and I strain to breathe
In my thoughts only you
Please kiss me and hold me now
You always smelled so good
Remember back to winter nights
When I’d try to keep you warm
I’d always try to keep you far from harm

I feel my heart take its last beat
In my head, you are there
Telling me I’ll be alright
And ‘Sweetheart, don’t be scared’
I wish I could get back to you
And say things, this time right
But a bullet has no words to say goodbye

7. Where I’ll Be
Into the morning
We’ll take all the pieces
We’ll call this city Rome
It’s not far from our old home
Into the evening
We’ll talk of all the times
We couldn’t think of what to say
Not that it mattered anyway

Into our bedrooms
Into our own private hell
To be trapped with our own thoughts
With shackles and diamond locks
Into our own heads
Where calamity stakes its claim
Upon the lay of our landscape
Try our best not to break

In the fields where I talk to myself
Where only the stars know what I’ve felt
That’s where I’ll be
That’s where I’ll be

Into the car-seat
We’ll take this city back
To the country where I’m from
It’s not far from anyone
Into a jet-plane
Where there are no friends of mine
Into the cold blue yonder
That’s where I shot her

Into my arms
You say that’s where you’re safe
But they’re the cage around you
Always trying to drown you
Into this mess
Created by a King
Who knows not his boundaries
Or the farce of his surroundings


8. The Last Song
This is the last song that I’ll write about you
It’s the fast death of all we’ve been through
It’s the crass poem of the fire I had for you
It’s the last song that I’ll write about you
May the foul winter make me whole again
May the sour taste of you finally relent
May the ground teeth that lie on my floor
Resurrect in my sleep where
They once were before

Sleep it off ’til morning calls
With the spins from the alcohol
Sleep it off ’til morning calls
With some time I know we’ll fall again

May the flashes fade when the laugh splits your side
May my shield remain when you bat your eyes
May the daunting fall from your grace coincide
With mine


10. That’s What I Get
That’s what I get for believing in you
That’s what I get for defending everything that you do
With the city’s quiet roar in the background
While I cut out your memories
And stitch them with new ones
And let this red herring die out

That’s what I get for thinking I was home
That’s what I get for feeling like I finally belong
With the devil’s red spotlight in the sky
When your walls they start crumbling
From the sounds that you gave them
And your kisses of beer and rye

I won’t flinch when you fall
From your perch on my pedestal
You were platinum and gold
Now you’re crumbling limestone

That’s what I get for falling in love
That’s what I get for waiting outside your front door
While you had your fun on the inside
When your walls they start crumbling
You’d be damn sure I’d be there
To hold them while you ran outside

11. Yesterday’s Army
Emancipation has its price
Daily rations, a cup of rice
And holy water sprinkled on her shoes
Anticipation’s wrong again
She was just a child of ten
And new to the game of democratic rule
The sun died in her rusty hair
A night of sleep a distant prayer
To be answered by a god who must be cruel
The village they would scream and shout
At the men with guns that pass their house
But instead they wait, as they will be gone soon

I walk along, command my men
A broken cavalry of ten
We’re grave walking, we’re yesterday’s army
Curved posture and heads on tilt
Worn out shoes and the things we killed
Weighing on our tattered minds and feet
I had that dream again last night
Where I wade into your perfect eyes
Those bold young browns sing every passing creed
I walked a path and came out cold
Where hearts were being bought and sold
Scream at the sky from down there on your knees

Now the war’s over, the soldier’s gone
Everybody Loves Raymond’s on
In the sweatshop where she stitches night and day
Here eyes are dead, her finger’s hard
From sewing winter gloves and scarves
In the desert heat where winter’s far away
Her mother, brother, sister, home
Wait for her check to buy food and clothes
And for the day they loosen off her chains
Emancipation has its price
No more rations, no more rice
Slaves before, now free rats in a cage

Finally we have come home
Where freedom lives on every stone
Where women let their hair flow down proudly
But low and behold, the factory’s closed
Machinery still, the workers thrown
Outsourced again to where the labour’s cheap
No job, no cash, no gloves, no scarves
The bank’s foreclosed on homes and cars
Lives on welfare and food stamps just to eat
I walk along without my men
My broken cavalry of ten
We’re grave walking, we’re yesterday’s army

So it goes
So it goes

12. Wind Chimes Sing With Her
Told it all to my doctor
And she just told me what to take
Told it all to my mother
And she just blamed it on the rain

Killing time with my sister
Playing on the fallen trees
The wind chimes, they sing with her
Every broken note for me

Told it all to the sidewalk
But it just pushed against my feet
Worn out shoes, now if they could talk
What holy untruths would they speak?

I can’t take those blue eyes bleeding
All night hiding from the dogs
Break my ears with the sound of breathing
Breathe so hard that you can’t talk

Your whole world is crying babies
Hold them close against your chest
Glowing iron against your skin is searing
Lips upon your darling flesh

Told it all to my lover
And she just packed her shit and left
Dirty walls and the shades pulled darker
Broken wind chimes and a set
Of keys

13. Pine Island Memorial
I miss the days when there was sunlight
Now these hurricanes, they never go away
I hold out for a time on this warm December day
Waiting for a snowflake, anything to tell me it’s okay

I miss the days on Sunset Boulevard
Now it’s a flowing river, with its water so hard
I hold out for a time on this warm December night
Waiting for that snowflake, anything to tell me it’s just fine