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Travis Reitsma is quickly gaining recognition in the emerging music community of Windsor, ON. Aligning himself with such Windsor legends as Ron Leary and Kelly “Mr. Chill” Hoppe, Travis is quickly becoming a mainstay in the music scene. His debut full-length album “Bluebeard” was released August 1st, 2008 and was called “the feel-good album of the summer” by WAMM (Windsor Arts & Music Magazine) ‘Scene’ writer Jamie Greer. Along with producer Eric Welton, Travis has created an album that mirrors the tension of hyper-technology and grass-roots tradition found in our urbanized society today.

Travis’ second album Outside the Factory Gates is set to be released on February 19th, 2010 and is dedicated to the working women and men of Windsor, ON.  On this album, along with producer and master-musician Johnny West, Travis has delved into full-fledged protest alt-folk.  The songs have a distinctly Windsoresque flavour and are brought to life by an experimental flare that runs throughout the album.


“In a city burdened by high unemployment, fleeting industry and the designation as “the smog capital of Canada,” local musician Travis Reitsma has flourished, making it his own creative incubator.” — Dylan Kristy, Windsor Star, February 18th, 2010

“When conflict and tension exist between two forces it’s necessary to find a poet.  A person who gives meaning and voice to suffering is one who restores dignity to those on the frontline.  Travis Reitsma through his album Outside the Factory Gates has accomplished just that…5/5 stars” — Dylan Kristy, Windsor Star, February 18th, 2010

“[Outside the Factory Gates is] a truly made in Windsor product that proves to be as personally, politically and musically adventurous as his loyal band of followers could have hoped for.” — Paul Hoffman, WAMM Magazine, February, 2010.

“…the working man’s champion for the singer-songwriter troubadours of the city” – WAMM (Windsor) July 2008

Holy S**t. Pardon my French, but… [Travis Reitsma’s] “Bluebeard” CD is a pure joy to listen to and…continues to put a smile on my face with each listen…the feel good album of the summer.”– WAMM (Windsor) August 2008