No YOU’RE a Yellow Door

Wednesday and Thursday were not good days.  It all started about 8 years ago with shitty dentist, a teenage who was born with very little enamal on his teeth and a pesky cavity in one of his mollers.  Well that unfortunate kid was me and that tooth is now completely EFFED on a count of an improperly filled cavity.  It has become absessed and on Wednesday night it caused me to have a fever and a whole lot of light-headedness.  I did nothing but sleep all day Thursday and had to cancel the show at Phog Thursday night.  Eric Welton and Kelly Nicholls still put on a show and I’m sure it was just dandyfied.  Now I have an AWESOME root canal to look forward to…that should be fun.

Thankfully, I woke up Friday in decent enough shape to head out on the tour.  We played in my hometown of Cobourg at The Cat & The Fiddle that night with Al Tuck and it was fantastic.  I had a few friends from high school attend and had an overall decent time.  Derek did too.  Thanks so much to Mel for hooking us up.

We woke up Yestermorn and took to the road, heading for Montréal.  I had never been here before, and I gotta say.  It’s quite the city.  There seems to be a lot of soul and feeling.  The view from Derek’s place is amazing.  It overlooks the mountain and that creepy Jesus cross thingy that rests on top.  Yesterday was horribly rainy,but we still played at The Yellow Door, which is an incredibly tiny, but warm, place.  Unfortunately is was dead on a count of the rain/jazzfest/two other rather huge shows in the area, but it was still fun, and the people were great.  Al Tuck played again with us last night and if you haven’t already checked him out, you need to.  He’s a fantastic storyteller.  Thanks to Holly for having us.

Today is probably the best day ever, weather-wise so we’re going to check out Tam-Tam at the base of the mountain.  I’ll let you know what that is when I know.  Tomorrow night we’re going to go see The Bowerbirds (one of my favourite bands).  Al leaves us today to head back to the East Coast, but here’s where you can go to catch his live show at this past year’s Dead of Winter Festival in Halifax.

We’re here in Montréal until Tuesday morning and then we head back west to Belleville to play the Organic Underground Tuesday evening.

I’ll update again soon

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