An Update on Things

Hey Kids,

Just a little update, to keep all two of you abreast of what’s happening in Travis-land.

Another date has been added to the summer mini-tour.  I’ll be playing the Organic Underground in Belleville, ON on July 14th once again with Derek Harrison.  I’m trying to book a Chatham gig for the 17th, but I have yet to confirm anything.

Derek and I are also currently working on some August dates that should range from Toronto, London, Kitchener, Guelph, and another Windsor show perhaps at the Old Fish Market.  I’ll keep everyone updated as I know more.

The album’s moving along slowly but surely.  I recorded vocals for Grimy Old Shoes (the Ron Leary tune) and Matt Demarais’ drums have been put into the three tracks he did for me.  I rehearse with standup bassist Max Marshall on Monday and will hopefully have him in the studio (Eric’s apartment) shortly after he records with Kenneth MacLeod next week.

I’ve updated the “Musical Helpers” page to include the fine people working with me on Holes & Tones, thanks to all of you again.


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One Response to An Update on Things

  1. am i one of the two?

    keep on pushin’ through, t-rizzle my friend. your musical efforts will ultimately be rewarded with many pints of fine pale ale and sea shanties galore. or maybe just a few sea shanties. and one pint of pale ale. but you won’t soon forget the sea shanties. or at least not for an hour or two, anyway.

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