Sanctuary Coffee Lounge

Attention everyone in the Windsor music scene.

A lot of people have been talking about how there aren’t as many places for original live music in this city anymore.  Sky Lounge, the Avalon Front, Chanoso’s and The Room have all either closed down or closed their doors to live music in the past year.  Meanwhile, there’s a great place for live music right under our noses and it sits empty all the time.

Sanctuary Coffee Lounge

Sanctuary Coffee Lounge

The Sanctuary Coffee Lounge has been open since May of this year and has been hosting live music since early July.  Every Thursday from 8-10pm there is a different musical act showcasing their talent under the warm lights of this great little place…and I host an open mic there every Tuesday from 6-10pm.

Not only does this place have great live music and an opportunity for any musician starting out, but it is also a great alternative to the faceless and ruthless corporations of Starbucks and Tim Horton’s.  All of Sanctuary’s coffee is fair trade and organic and it’s the best coffee in town, bar none.

This business may not be around that much longer if people don’t get out there and support it; and that would be a damn shame.  And no, it doesn’t have alcohol…but why is that so important??  Go see some great music or just chill and get a coffee and THEN go downtown and get schmammered if that’s what you need to do.  The point is, this is a great place for musicians, artists, students, or anybody to hang out, and if support isn’t shown soon, it will be gone.

Also, come out for the Sanctuary’s Fair Trade Benefit on Sunday December 7th from 5-10.  There’ll be live music by myself and Derek Harrison’s Dirty Fingers as well as a silent auction with stuff from some of the most talented artists in this city.

Sanctuary can be found at 1735 College Ave. (@ Campbell, across from The Beer Store) and is open every day from 10am-10pm.

I’ll see you there or you best stop complaining about a lack of good venues!!

–  Travis

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One Response to Sanctuary Coffee Lounge

  1. i must come here more often, to drink coffee and attract swathes of customers with my magnetic presence.

    okay, so maybe that magnetic presence thing is a joke. but you’re right about the coffee. it puts the sludge most other places pass off as such to shame.

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